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May 30, 2010

Apostolate - part II

Q – What are your communities doing?

A – Our action/apostolate comes out of our contemplative prayer if we are in tune with and listening to the Holy Spirit, and if we have in our mind that we really want to follow God’s will.

Be available to your parish for anything that has to do with prayer. There are all kinds of people seeking information or instruction in prayer. Run courses in prayer – it is simple!

You could be a Communion minister, an RCIA catechist, or even lead a prayer group, etc.

The 2009 OCDS Baltimore Congress suggested daily prayer for individual priests.

An Indonesian OCDS put together manuals or books printed with our Rule/Constitutions, etc. The Friars in Baltimore asked why don’t Seculars assist more with spiritual literature.

You could tape the spiritual discussion from your meeting and then send it to those who have missed the meetings (for a legitimate reason, not as an ongoing practice).

In San Francisco, the Cristo Rey community’s Mary Stutin puts out a monthly calendar with photos and information on the Friars in the province to encourage others to pray for priests and for vocations.

Although it may not be active, you can send money to support the Carmelites: – the House of Prayer in Oakville, the House of Studies in Mt Angel, our Mission in Uganda, etc.

Those who are techno savvy may develop materials to help those who struggle with hearing or sight (or language).

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