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May 29, 2010

Nominating Committee

Q – Would these changes then obligate the nominating committee to put forth a nominated slate of officers that reflects the desires of the community rather than substituting their own independent judgment about who they think would make a good slate of candidates for the community?

A – See Provincial Statutes Section XIX:1

“Leaders should be selected for the welfare of the Community. Members of nominating committees must never influence or direct a prearranged outcome for Community elections. The nominating committee is charged with producing the best possible slate of candidates.”

The nominating committee does not have anything to do with the Formation Director. The Formation Director is always elected or chosen or appointed by the four newly elected officers. He/she does not require postulation. Postulation is the process you need to go through to serve a third term in office. Generally you serve two terms and rotate off, but sometime there is a necessity for someone to serve a third term. They begin by going to the Provincial Delegate. See Provincial Statutes Section XVIII: 2 g. (it does not apply to councilors).

Groups are under the Provincial Delegate and do not have elections. Your officers are appointed by the Provincial Delegate. Some may have quasi-councils, unofficial Councils, sometimes with three to five people as they are moving closer to canonical establishment.

The nominating committee asks each of the members they think would be a good leader, and then the nominating committee takes these names and meets together and comes up with a slate that represents the canvassing they have done. They must look at attendance, leadership qualities, and how these members are helpful in the community.

Some of the criteria the nominating committee should use in deliberations after canvassing the community was articulated. Then it was asked, could we ask the Provincial Council for an additional statute for considerations and guidance for the nominating committee? It would be appreciated.

Fr Donald said he plans to send a letter to the Presidents that will spell this out more clearly a few months before the next election.

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