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May 30, 2010

Attendance at Council Meetings

Q – If the Formation Director is married to a councilor and the councilor feels it is not necessary to be at council meetings, is that not acceptable? Is a husband/wife dynamic in a council not a good idea?

A – There are cases in our Province where a husband and wife (or other close relatives) are members of the council. They themselves need to realize what a delicate, prudent balance they must keep in order not to monopolize the council—and community. In the same way, the other councilors must speak the truth in love in order to keep a husband and wife from dominating the council—and community. Each councilor should attend council meetings. It is not acceptable that one spouse on a council not attend council meetings. A clique in a council is not a sign of a healthy council. Fr. Aloysius has written forcefully on this. In our Formation Guidelines, see his talk, “The Beatitudes as Integral Part of the Promise,” p. 66

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