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May 29, 2010

Better Informed - Better Communication

We need to be informed and have better communication and do what we can with technology to help one another.

Community newsletters are the best way to keep people informed, not only of the agenda but also of events within and outside the community.

If you feel uninformed, out of the loop, and in need of communication where it seems to be lacking, the best way to remedy that is to increase your own level of contribution to your community and the Order. Frequently, the person responsible for communication is so overburdened with other work they are doing for the Order, they are simply not able to do it for you.

In order to have the level of communication that we all want for the Province and the Order to thrive, we all need to be very, very engaged in our communities locally and willing to be of service at every level. Then the people responsible for communication will not be quite so overburdened.

The wonders of the Internet are important, but there are still many people who do not have it and it is very important that we do not leave them behind or neglect them. It is a continual challenge. We cannot forget them because we need to keep reaching out to everyone.

There are a variety of internet sites and forums such as Cincarm (Catholic Information Network). However, there is a danger involved – it is loaded with misinformation. When dealing with the internet you need to be alert because you might be looking at something that is not correct.

On the Provincial Council website, we are trying to be certain that what appears on our site will be good, solid information, not misinformation. Whatever is on it is run by the Council and then given the ok to post.

Someone suggested having two people responsible for informing the community about news and events and communicating and sharing prayer requests, etc. One person is involved with the internet and the other person with the telephone. This has worked very well with her community as long as people pass the information along and do not end up just chattering.

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