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May 30, 2010

Historical Foundation of the Order

Q – Where can you find resources necessary to teach the historical foundation of the order?

A – Thomas Moore’s CD was sent with the master copy of our Legislative Documents to each community. It is the beginning of a book he has compiled. It has a lot of valuable information. He will send you a copy and your only payment must be to make a donation to the House of Studies in Mt Angel, Oregon, or to the Provincial office in Redlands.

There have been numerous articles in the Carmelite Digest. You can contact them for back issues.

A couple of other good sources are:

Journey to Carith- http://www.icspublications.org/bookstore/others/b_others10.html

Teresian Carmel: Pages of History http://www.ocd.pcn.net/histo_1.htm

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