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May 29, 2010

Creative Formation

Q – What does creative (pertaining to formation and time) mean?

A – One person said she usually reads a chapter ahead in order to make the questions for the next class. In doing this, she looks for things that her particular group needs to learn and benefit from. With the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the questions can draw things out and help them grow.

Being creative is an individual thing that comes from your prayer life. If you are a Carmelite and have a prayer life, that is where your creativity will come from.

From the very first day the Formation Task Force talked about how we did not want to make the Formation Guidelines complicated. We wanted to make them as simple as possible because time is a big factor in our lives. You could look at the program each year and take the most basic thing that is required and then do it. You can then add from there. Creativity will come from the basics. Remember KISS, keep it simple sweetie.

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