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May 29, 2010

Our Time Together

Q – Is it true that 1/3 of our time is content and 2/3 community building?

A – No – this is false. It doesn’t say this anywhere in our Formation Guidelines, which are our formation program by requirement of the Provincial Statutes.

Each community is different, sometimes we get the idea that all Teresian communities should be the same, but they are not. Each has its own individual flavor and individual charisms, but all communities are centered around the Teresian charism. A Teresian Community is a community where all members are working together, praying together, loving each other in following the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what a Teresian community consists of.

Whatever you set your time to be, it will shift and adjust to times and seasons, topics, individuals, etc. So be flexible.

The Formation Guidelines say ongoing formation is fundamental to the vocation. Throughout everything the Formation Task Force wrote, it seems to be clear that it was assumed there would be a particular time during the meeting when this on-going formation would take place. See Provincial Statutes, Section XIII, 3 where it states that you may need to extend your time since there is so much to be done in order to encapsulate it all.

When you teach, you really need to learn your subject. You are formed while you are doing it.

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