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May 29, 2010

Sample Questions

Q – Can we get copies of other communities’ questions?

A – You can interact with one another as you see fit, but as a sample we have included Mary Tucker’s “Formation Study Questions and Outlines” on the website in the Formation section.

Writing your own questions is part of your formation. When formulating the questions, you learn the most. We are giving you some as examples to help, but it is not in everyone’s best interest to pass around and exchange questions to the studies, rather than producing them yourselves.

It has been noted that the questions each person writes change according to the different people involved, those leading and those in the group. The Holy Spirit is in it. As you progress in your spirituality, things change; what you read and what you understand grow and develop. Therefore, questions you may have written before are much different from those you would write today.

Story of a Soul and Way of Perfection (ICS Publications) both have study editions that can be useful.

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